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How to Save a life …

June 29th, 2017 No comments

I have always had a desire to help people.

As a child watching infomercials about Unicef and the Peace Corps in the late seventies and early eighties; it was my desire to make a difference by serving  in some tropical destination halfway around the world.

Fast forwad several decades later and I find myself doing exactly what I dreamed about when I was less than 10 years old. I am helping people … I am saving lives.

In 2013 I made contact with Latter Rain Mission International, a church on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. The pastor was reaching out to other ministries internationally for assistance in strengthening their new ministry. I befriended them during the time I served at Latter Rain in Abaco, Bahamas. Both ministries having similar names offered a commonality and point.of discussion for the relationship to develop. It quickly did, and soon after I found myself providing leadership information for them and eventually over 1,000 lbs of books to help them with the new school that they were starting.

I felt great about playing such a large part towards making the school a success. A few months after I was asked if I would be interested in conducting a leadership conference for a few churches and their leaders. I thought about the offer, discuss it with ny wife and family along with my pastor; and eventually I got back to them with an affirmative answer.

We set the date for February 2015 and with great excitement I planned towards the trip, only to have the Ebola outbreak hit the very country I was planning to visit.  Thinking that the issue would pass over and I would still be able to take advantage of the opportunity, I held out hope that I would hit Liberian soul in February of 2015.  Well, after all of the praying and high expectations; we had to postpone the trip for 2016. I used the time to fine tune the program that I was working on for the trip and also mentally prepared myself for the 5 weeks that I would be away from the comforts and familiarity of home.

(stay tuned for more about my trip to Liberia and upcoming projects for the country)

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Not so common …

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Hello everyone …

My name is Whitney J. Bain III and I live in The Bahamas. I am a hotelier by profession, a husband, father, grandfather and a professional humanitarian. I care for people and want to aee the best for them. While I am a logical thinker, I lead with my heart.  Compassion and passion are key elements of my makeup.

I thought to give a voice to my humanitarian and mission efforts locally and internationally through this website and blog. I see it as a easygoing way to keep you informed of what I did, what I am currently working on and what is planned for the future; as it relates to my humanitarian and mission activity.

I welcome you to comment and/or help me find resources that may be able to assist my efforts. Additionally, you may wish to participate via financial contributions, volunteering for one of the mission trips or helping with planning and logistics. If you are so inclined, wherever you feel comfortable; you are welcomed to join the bleeding hearts army.

I find that there’s great satisfaction in helping others, and many of you feel the same way. Combining our resources, knowledge and influence can make a big difference in the lives of so many … thank you!

Warm regards,



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Hello world!

June 27th, 2017 2 comments

Welcome to Common Unity, Common Knowledge, Common Wealth!

Common Unity, Common Knowledge, Common Wealth (C3) was a program created for an international mission effort involving several hundred bishops, pastors, community organizations and churches in Liberia, West Africa in the Spring of 2016.

The Whitsun Leadership Group (WLG) was pleased to present the concept and articulated the fact that … ‘great benefit and enrichment could occur if persons can identify a common goal that is beneficial to all involved, work together towards the accomplishment of the goal; and use every available talent, resource and knowledge to reach the goal’.

The program model was eagerly received and WLG is poised to start the implementation phase of the program in Liberia, West Africa in the early Summer of 2018.  We will also be presenting the program model to multiple churches, community leaders and organizations, national and local government agencies and business persons in Sierra Leone during the late Summer of 2018.

It is our desire to help people groups all over the world through this and other enhancement programs. Through C3 we hope to create a community ecosystem where those involved would be elevated mentally and educationally, enriched economically and the community unified.

Whitney J. Bain III

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